Aluminum   $ 2.1505 kg        |         Cobalt   $ 33.420 kg        |         Copper   $ 8.2940 kg        |         Gallium   $ 222.80 kg        |         Gold   $ 61736.51 kg        |         Indium   $ 284.50 kg        |         Iridium   $ 144678.36 kg        |         Iron Ore   $ 0.1083 kg        |         Lead   $ 2.1718 kg        |         Lithium   $ 29.821 kg        |         Molybdenum   $ 58.750 kg        |         Neodymium   $ 82.608 kg        |         Nickel   $ 20.616 kg        |         Palladium   $ 40303.53 kg        |         Platinum   $ 30972.89 kg        |         Rhodium   $ 131818.06 kg        |         Ruthenium   $ 14950.10 kg        |         Silver   $ 778.87 kg        |         Steel Rebar   $ 0.5063 kg        |         Tellurium   $ 73.354 kg        |         Tin   $ 25.497 kg        |         Uranium   $ 128.42 kg        |         Zinc   $ 2.3825 kg        |         

“When developing laws and various rules, financial and industrial groups and big business have a great influence on decision-making. But when this happens behind the scenes, in conditions of complete legal unsettledness, a wide field for corruption is created. In the civilized world, politics is not formed behind closed doors. Therefore, I instruct to study the international experience of legislative regulation and control of lobbying activities,” Tokayev said at a joint meeting of the chambers of the Parliament.

It is also important to fully utilize the country’s production potential, Tokayev said. The economy of Kazakhstan is still dependent on mining. Its structure remains raw, while the progressive development of the country requires diversification of the economy.

“However, over the past decades, systemic problems have accumulated in the field of subsoil use. The full realization of the possibilities of the mining industry is hindered by insufficient volumes of exploration work. The rate of replenishment of the mineral resource base is also slowing down. And this is happening against the backdrop of the depletion of the developed subsoil,” Tokayev said.

He added that it is necessary to use mineral resources efficiently and rationally. To do this, it is necessary to improve legislation and simplify the necessary procedures.
Of particular importance are investments in exploration and development of mineral deposits.

The Government and Parliament should take concrete measures in this direction.