Aluminum   $ 2.1505 kg        |         Cobalt   $ 33.420 kg        |         Copper   $ 8.2940 kg        |         Gallium   $ 222.80 kg        |         Gold   $ 61736.51 kg        |         Indium   $ 284.50 kg        |         Iridium   $ 144678.36 kg        |         Iron Ore   $ 0.1083 kg        |         Lead   $ 2.1718 kg        |         Lithium   $ 29.821 kg        |         Molybdenum   $ 58.750 kg        |         Neodymium   $ 82.608 kg        |         Nickel   $ 20.616 kg        |         Palladium   $ 40303.53 kg        |         Platinum   $ 30972.89 kg        |         Rhodium   $ 131818.06 kg        |         Ruthenium   $ 14950.10 kg        |         Silver   $ 778.87 kg        |         Steel Rebar   $ 0.5063 kg        |         Tellurium   $ 73.354 kg        |         Tin   $ 25.497 kg        |         Uranium   $ 128.42 kg        |         Zinc   $ 2.3825 kg        |         

Advertising and Promotion

Promote your business

On MINEX Forum Market Place 

Virtual Booth

(Pro version)


300 USD – 12 months 

450 USD – 24 months 

600 USD – 36 months

Paid features include:
  • Extended corporate profile (up to 6000 characters). 
  • Enquiry and meeting request form.  
  • Add up to 10 promotional and webinar videos via YouTube or Vimeo links.  
  • Add links to promotional PDF materials (slides, corporate brochures, product brochures). 
  • Ability to write news posts about your company (up to 6 posts per annum). 
  • Adding your news posts to the virtual booth  
  • Adding your news to Company news section of the website  
  • Access to viewer analytics* via personal dashboard. 
Virtual Both Analytics
  • Measure how effective your virtual booth is using analytics dashboard.  
  • See the number of total and unique visitors per day, per week, per month, per year.  
  • See what information visitors reviewed.  
  • Analyse visitors by geographic location by country. 
  • See how many times your news posts have been reviewed.  
  • View redirection statistics from your virtual booth to your website, social media and external links.  

Promote your business


Limited spaces are available for placement of promotional web banners on the news sections of the website and news-digests sent to subscribers.  

Web Banner Packages

book placement for up to 12 months
Type Size (pixels)PlacementMax File sizeCost per month
Rotating slider with interactive buttons and promptsVisual - 1000 x 300
Full size - 2000 x 300
Home page 200 k900 USD
Skyscraper – animated390 x 1000Home page
1 MB 700 USD
Skyscraper – static200 k 600 USD
Headline - animated830 x 150Home page
1 MB600 USD
Headline - static200 k500 USD
Leaderboard - animated390 x 532Home page
1 MB500 USD
Leaderboard - static200 k400 USD
Billboard – animated250 × 390Home page
1 MB400 USD
Billboard - static200 k300 USD
Box - animated390 x 390Regional or Company news1 MB600 USD
Big Box - static200 k500 USD

E-news banner placement packages

Book placement for up to 12 months
TypeSize (pixels)PlacementCost per month
Skyscraper – animated190 x 590Alongside headline news500 USD
Skyscraper – static400 USD
Billboard – animated500×500First quarter of the news body400 USD per month
Billboard - static350 USD per month
Box - animated180 x 150Second quarter of news body200 USD per month
Box - static150 USD per month
Headline - animated620 x 180500 USD
Headline - static400 USD

Banner requirements

Type  Max File size (kb)  File type  
Animated  1 Megabyte  GIF, HTML5
Minimum 24 fps for video 15 sec max length. No audio. 
Static  Up to 200 Kilobytes   JPG, JPEG, PNG 

Animated banners: Google’s Chrome browser blocks Flash animation by default. Chrome now displays Flash-animated banners with a Play button, rather than allowing them to animate by default. Chrome does allow HTML5 creative to animate by default, so we strongly recommend that clients use HTML5 for animated units. 

Advertiser Analytics  

  • Measure effectiveness of your advertising using analytics dashboard.  
  • See the number of total and unique views and clicks.  
  • Analyse views and clicks by geographic location by country. 
  • View redirection statistics.  

Webinar and online

event services

MINEX Forum webinar platform offers comprehensive solutions for organising and promoting webinars, video presentations, conferences, investor briefings and much more. In addition, the platform offers the all-in-one powerful platform for holding online networking events fully branded with the organiser’s logos and materials. 

Self-managed - 900 USD per eventManaged – from 1500 USD
Book nowPlease enquire to discuss your requirements

Webinar service package includes:

Your own webinar platform (open full working demo) 

– Browser based (no download required) event module with up to 16 organisers/presenters per session and 400 participants for live webinar. 

– Customize and brand your virtual spaces (backgrounds, images, texts, seating circles, navigation between rooms). 

– Create private e-meeting rooms to chat with your speakers and guests before and after your online event.  

– Screenshare with sound, play YouTube videos, and upload slides. 

– Upload OnDemand MP4 videos for asynchronous viewing. 

– Collaboration tools on Miro, Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. 

– Attendance report after each event. 

– 180-day up to 80 GB storage duration after the record

Pre-and post-event outreach and hosting 

– We will promote your webinar to MINEX Forum newsletter subscribers and social media groups via advertorials in the news section and or banner placement in news digests sent via email. 

– We create an individual webpage for your webinar where you will be able to add agenda, profiles of invited presenters and register your guests. 

– We will create your company Virtual Booth in the MINEX Forum marketplace where you will be able to provide a background profile and links to the website, social media, and contact with your representatives. 

– You will be able to place on the MINEX Forum news section an advertorial article based on the topics covered in your webinar. 

– After the webinar we will post a webinar video and presented materials on the webinar webpage. 

– We will invite MINEX Forum news subscribers and social media followers to watch the recordings and provide feedback or comments. 

– You will receive an email with the weekly analytical statistics for your profile and promotional materials before and after the webinar. 

– The webinar webpage will be maintained for a period of 12 months to ensure seamless access to the webinar materials. The hosting period can be extended for a small fee.