Virtual Exhibition Projects

In 2020 we have developed MINEX Forum VR solution for organising the World’s first immersive online events for mining industries across European countries and Central Asia. Using 360 panorama media and computer-generated models we are creating digital 3-dimensional exhibitions and forums enhanced with interactive online presentation, communication, networking, and analytical tools.

At the virtual exhibition you can explore exhibitors’ booths, meet exhibitors, and watch presentations from the comfort of your home or office. Walk around exhibition stands. View videos and materials presented by exhibitors. Ask questions or schedule meetings with exhibitors. Throughout the year exhibitors are holding on the Virtual Exhibition platforms b-2-b and b-2-c webinars, masterclasses, product demonstrations, consultations, sweepstakes, and other virtual events.

The first immersive exhibition was created in November 2020 for MINEX Russia Forum organised in Moscow.

The exhibition has been built using 360 panorama images and consists of 80 virtual exhibition stands and halls. The exhibition also contains video recordings of open sessions organised during the forum.

In March 2021 we have developed MINEX Kazakhstan virtual expo – a digital twin of the mining trade exhibition organised in Nur-Sultan in September 2021.

Our virtual exhibition extends opportunities for the presentation of important changes in Kazakhstan’s mining sector and key projects and technologies developed in Kazakhstan and the countries of Central Asia.