Events and Projects

Under MINEX Forum brand we organise mining conferences, exhibitions, competitions, workshops, online events, and mine site visits. 

Annual  Forums  

Established in 2005, MINEX Russia Forum is one of the oldest and most respected industry events in Russia. Organised annually in Moscow, the forum provides opportunities for presentation and discussion of key trends, projects, and technologies in the mining and geological industry in Russia and overseas.  

Held since 2010, MINEX Kazakhstan is one of the best-regarded mining events in Central AsiaHeld every year in Nur-Sultan, the Forum provides a platform for presentation of important changes in Kazakhstan’s mining legislation and the key projects and technologies developed in Kazakhstan and other countries of Central Asia. 

Founded in 2015, MINEX Europe Forum has been focusing on technological, investment and market developments across Europe’s mining industry. Besides online events, MINEX Europe Forums have been held in Austria, Serbia, North Macedonia, and Bulgaria. 

Established in 2012, MINEX Eurasia is the UK’s largest event which primary focuses on Mining Trade and Investment opportunities in Russia, Central Asia and Mongolia and targets the UK and International capital markets, financiers, and services. 

Events managed by MINEX Forum team  

Created in 2019Mining Goes Digital was the first international 4.0 technology conference in Russia focused on digital transformation of mining and metals industries. In 2021 we are planning to launch Mining Goes Digital Kazakhstan conference. 

Smart Industry Conference’21 (SIC’21) is one of the first cross-industry benchmarking events in Russia. It brings together companies from various industrial sectors who will share their experience in digital transformation and the implementation of Industry 4.0 technologies. The conference provides a platform for discussing business and production transformation practices aimed at increasing operational efficiency using digital, automation, artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain, and other technologies. Presenters will showcase projects implemented in the mining, metallurgical, oil and gas, energy, industrial construction, and other key sectors. 

Events organised under MINEX Forum trademark  

MINEX Kyrgyzstan Forum, organised in Bishkek in 2018, offered a unique opportunity to get to the heart of the Kyrgyz mining industryto understand the issues and opportunities in this mineralrich regionThe event brought together all the key players from the Government, investors, corporates, associations, the local supply chain and NGOs, as well as international delegates.

Uzbekistan is rolling out the plans to widen cooperation with the private sector to modernise state-owned mining enterprises and to offer foreign investors to develop new strategic metals deposits of gold, rare earth metals, uranium, coal and potash. MINEX Uzbekistan event organised in Tashkent in 2017 provided a platform for international mining companies and service providers to meet with the national mining companies and government officials and discuss business prospects

MINEX Far East Conference organised under the auspices of MINEX Forum is a non-profit event. Organised since 2008 it remains the largest mining event to uncover business opportunities in Russia’s mining hotspots in Siberia and the Far East.