Aerogeophysical Surveys

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Specialization: Electromagnetic prospecting and evaluation surveys on HC, solid minerals, water resources. Localization of potentially dangerous objects and processes. Solution of non-standard engineering tasks. Technological tasks of seismic surveys. Geophysical equipment production. Mathematical software.

Geophysical technologies:

Ground geophysics: MTS, TEM, IP, electromagnetic scanning (EM-HSDTD®): full cycle – from field works to construction of geological model of studied area.

Airborne geophysics: TDEM, Mag, G-Ray with “Impulse-aero” helicopter exploration platforms, equipped with an EM channel of high ground penetration ability.

Integrated processing and interpretation of geological and geophysical data, construction of geological model of oil, gas and ore deposits.

Geophysical equipment production.

Production of electrical prospecting equipment “Impulse”-series in a small-scale.

R&D in the field of innovative technologies: own design and engineering bureau, development of equipment and mathematical software.

Intellectual property:

  • 12 patents in Russia, Canada, Australia.
  • 3 software registration certificates.
  • 3 trademarks.

The company has a quality control system in accordance with ISO 9001 standards.