Aluminum   $ 2.1505 kg        |         Cobalt   $ 33.420 kg        |         Copper   $ 8.2940 kg        |         Gallium   $ 222.80 kg        |         Gold   $ 61736.51 kg        |         Indium   $ 284.50 kg        |         Iridium   $ 144678.36 kg        |         Iron Ore   $ 0.1083 kg        |         Lead   $ 2.1718 kg        |         Lithium   $ 29.821 kg        |         Molybdenum   $ 58.750 kg        |         Neodymium   $ 82.608 kg        |         Nickel   $ 20.616 kg        |         Palladium   $ 40303.53 kg        |         Platinum   $ 30972.89 kg        |         Rhodium   $ 131818.06 kg        |         Ruthenium   $ 14950.10 kg        |         Silver   $ 778.87 kg        |         Steel Rebar   $ 0.5063 kg        |         Tellurium   $ 73.354 kg        |         Tin   $ 25.497 kg        |         Uranium   $ 128.42 kg        |         Zinc   $ 2.3825 kg        |         

Aurora Minerals Group organised the 4th annual Kazakhstan Day on March 7th at PDAC 2023 in Toronto. The event’s agenda included a wide range of topics, such as updates on Kazakhstan’s mining legislation, investment opportunities, regional geology, exploration projects, and technical advancements for mineral exploration.


The plenary session featured speakers who provided an overview of Kazakhstan’s Mining and Mineral Exploration Sector. They highlighted the country’s abundant mineral resources and its commitment to transparency and sustainability. The government has implemented a comprehensive legal and regulatory framework in recent years to attract more investors. The speakers also mentioned a unified platform,, which provides geological reports and information for investors. They emphasized the importance of conducting exploration activities responsibly and sustainably.

Kazakhstan Day at PDAC 2023 (part 1)

Review presentations

Open pdf Yerlan Galiyev – Deputy Chairman of the Geology Committee, Ministry of Industry and Infrastructural Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan

In his presentation, Yerlan Galiyev discussed the mining sector in Kazakhstan and highlighted the country’s potential in terms of mineral resources, including copper, gold, iron ore, and coal. He also discussed the government’s efforts to promote foreign investment in the mining sector and outlined the various incentives and benefits that are available to investors.

Edouard Huot – Canada Trade Commissioner in Kazakhstan

Edouard Huot’s presentation focused on the relationship between Canada and Kazakhstan in the mining sector. He discussed the various Canadian companies that are active in Kazakhstan and highlighted the opportunities that exist for Canadian companies to expand their operations in the country. He also discussed the services that the Canadian government provides to Canadian companies looking to invest in Kazakhstan. 

Open pdf Andres Blanco – CEO, Xcalibur Multiphysics

In his presentation, Blanco discussed the importance of using simulation tools to optimize mining operations and improve efficiency. He highlighted the various applications of simulation in mining, including resource estimation, mine design, and equipment optimization. Blanco also discussed the advantages of using Xcalibur Multiphysics’ software and services, which include advanced algorithms, machine learning capabilities, and cloud-based solutions that can be accessed remotely. He emphasized that by using simulation, mining companies can reduce costs, minimize risks, and improve overall productivity. 

Open pdf Stuart Thomson – CEO, MSA Labs 

In his presentation, Thomson discussed the importance of accurate and timely data in the mining industry and how MSA Labs’ “Rocks to Data” service can help mining companies make informed decisions.

“Rocks to Data” is a comprehensive service that includes sample preparation, mineralogy, geochemistry, and metallurgy testing, as well as data interpretation and analysis. Thomson emphasized that MSA Labs’ state-of-the-art laboratory equipment, experienced staff, and advanced data analytics capabilities enable mining companies to make data-driven decisions that can lead to improved efficiency and profitability. 

  Said Sultanov – Partner, Aurora Minerals Group

Sultanov delivered a presentation on strategies for building a thriving and sustainable mineral exploration market. Sultanov emphasized that a healthy mineral exploration industry is essential for the long-term growth and success of the mining sector. He also highlighted the need for a supportive regulatory environment and government policies that incentivize investment in exploration. He discussed the various initiatives undertaken by the Kazakh government to promote exploration, including tax incentives, funding for exploration projects, and streamlined permitting processes. 

  Kaisar Kozhamuratov  – Partner, Aurora Minerals Group

Kozhamuratov presentated on the challenges and opportunities facing mineral exploration in Kazakhstan. Kozhamuratov emphasized the importance of adopting innovative exploration technologies, such as drone surveys, satellite imagery, and machine learning algorithms, to improve exploration efficiency and accuracy. He also discussed the importance of stakeholder engagement and responsible environmental management in ensuring the sustainability of exploration activities. 


During the Regional Geology and Investment Opportunities session, speakers presented various mineral deposits of copper, gold, iron, uranium, and exploration projects in Kazakhstan and other parts of the world. The speakers also discussed the exploration of lithium and copper, which are critical minerals for the production of electric vehicles and renewable energy infrastructure.

Review presentations

Open pdf Tim Barry – CEO, Arras Minerals Corp.

Tim Barry is the CEO and Director of Arras Minerals Corp., a Canadian mining exploration company focused on exploring copper-gold porphyry deposits in Kazakhstan [1]. The company’s main project is the Beskauga copper-gold porphyry project, which is located in the Chu-Sarysu basin, a well-known copper-gold porphyry district in Kazakhstan. The company has an option agreement for the Beskauga project, which requires them to spend US$15 million in exploration expenditures over four years, after which they can purchase 100% of Beskauga for a US$15 million cash payment [2].

Open pdf Anna Fonseca – Principal Geologist, SRK Consulting

Anna talked about exploring Kazakhstan and the importance of learning from past pitfalls to achieve future success in the mining industry.  Fonseca discussed the geological potential of Kazakhstan, which is home to a range of mineral resources including copper, gold, iron ore, and coal. She highlighted the challenges and opportunities associated with exploring and developing mineral resources in the country, including regulatory frameworks, infrastructure, and social and environmental considerations.

Fonseca emphasized the importance of learning from past experiences in Kazakhstan and other countries to ensure future success. She discussed several case studies of mining projects in Kazakhstan and highlighted the lessons that can be learned from them, including the importance of effective stakeholder engagement, responsible environmental management, and sound financial planning. 

Open pdf Madina Kapenova – Managing Director for Subsoil Use, Aurora Minerals Group

Madina delivered a presentation on exploration tenement management and mergers and acquisitions (M&A) in the mining industry.  Kapenova discussed the importance of effective exploration tenement management and the challenges associated with acquiring and maintaining exploration licenses. She emphasized the need for companies to have a clear understanding of the regulatory environment in which they operate and to engage in effective stakeholder consultation and engagement to secure exploration licenses. Kapenova emphasized the importance of good governance and transparency in both exploration tenement management and M&A. She discussed the role of the Kazakh government in regulating mining activities and ensuring that they are conducted in a responsible and sustainable manner.

Open pdf Barry Davis – Founder & Managing Director, Scythian Mining Group

In his presentation, Davis discussed the company’s current projects and its plans for future growth.

Davis highlighted the potential of the Central Asian region for gold and copper exploration and development and discussed the company’s exploration work to date, which has identified several promising targets for further development. He also discussed the company’s current mining operations and production capabilities.

Open pdf Ali Haji – CEO, ION Energy ION Energy

In his presentation, Haji discussed the importance of battery metals, such as lithium, cobalt, and nickel, in the development of the electric vehicle (EV) industry, and how ION Energy is working to meet the growing demand for these metals. 

Open pdf Reimar Seltmann – Research Leader, Head CERCAMS, Natural History Museum delivered a presentation on the critical metal potential of Kazakhstan, and the opportunities and challenges associated with their exploration and development.

Seltmann discussed the importance of critical metals, such as tungsten, rare earth elements, and cobalt, in modern technologies, including EVs, wind turbines, and smartphones. He highlighted the potential of Kazakhstan as a source of these critical metals, and the country’s significant reserves of rare earth elements, which are essential for many high-tech applications. 

Open pdf Bakyt Chirchikbayev – Chairman, Tau-Ken Samruk

Chirchikbayev talked about attracting investment in exploration projects in Kazakhstan.  Chirchikbayev highlighted Tau-Ken Samruk’s role in promoting mineral exploration and development in Kazakhstan, and the company’s efforts to attract foreign investment in exploration projects. He discussed the various initiatives that Tau-Ken Samruk has undertaken to support exploration activities, including funding for exploration projects and streamlined permitting processes. 

Open pdf Zarina Bulanova – Geologist, Kemir

Zarina discussed the geological potential of the Kemir copper project, which is located in an area of significant copper mineralization. She highlighted the results of exploration work to date, including drilling, mapping, and geophysical surveys, which have identified several zones of high-grade copper mineralization. 

  Marina Bragina – Resource Geologist, Aurora Minerals Group

Marina presented Aurora Minerals Group’s focus on exploring and developing mineral resources in Kazakhstan and highlighted the company’s significant portfolio of prospective deposits, including copper, gold, and rare earth elements. She discussed the results of exploration work to date, including drilling, mapping, and geophysical surveys, which have identified several zones of high-grade mineralization. 

Open pdf Tokar project
Open pdf Besshoky – next world-class porphyry copper project 

Kazakhstan Day at PDAC 2023 (part 2)


The event concluded with a presentation on Exploration Technologies and Innovations. The speakers showcased advanced technologies and AI algorithms to detect patterns and anomalies in data and identify potential mineral deposits. Other discussions focused on social responsibility and education initiatives in communities.

Review presentations

Open pdf Britt Bluemel – Senior Geochemist, ALS Gold Spot

Britt discussed the challenges associated with interpreting geophysical data, including the large amounts of data involved and the need for accurate data interpretation to identify mineralization targets. She highlighted the potential of AI tools to improve the efficiency and accuracy of geophysical data interpretation and to narrow the search space for mineralization targets. 

Open pdf Vladislav Kaminski – Principal geophysicist, Promiseland Exploration

Kaminski discussed the challenges associated with VMS type deposits, including their complex geology and the need for accurate data interpretation and modelling to identify mineralization targets. He highlighted the potential of Helitem data to provide valuable insights into the geological structure and mineralization potential of VMS deposits.

Kaminski discussed the results of the interpretation and modelling of Helitem data flown in Eastern Kazakhstan, and how these results were used to identify drill targets for the exploration of VMS-type deposits. He highlighted the importance of accurate data interpretation and modelling in reducing exploration costs and improving the efficiency of exploration activities. 

Open pdf Kemal Amanbayev – Director, Aurora Geophysics

Amanbayev discussed the importance of geophysical surveys in mineral exploration and development and highlighted the role of Aurora Geophysics in providing high-quality geophysical data and analysis services to its clients.

Amanbayev discussed several advanced geophysical techniques used by Aurora Geophysics, including ground magnetic surveys, induced polarization surveys, and electromagnetic surveys. He highlighted the benefits of these techniques in identifying mineralization targets, and in reducing exploration costs and improving exploration efficiency. 

Open pdf Darren Burrows – Business Development Manager, Xcalibur Multiphysics

Burrows discussed the advantages of airborne geophysics over ground-based techniques, including the ability to cover large areas quickly and cost-effectively, and the ability to penetrate deep below the surface. He highlighted the various types of airborne geophysics techniques, including magnetic, electromagnetic, and radiometric surveys, and discussed the applications of these techniques in mineral exploration and development.

Burrows also discussed Xcalibur Multiphysics’ approach to airborne geophysics, and the company’s use of advanced technology, such as high-resolution sensors and data processing algorithms, to improve the accuracy and reliability of its geophysical data. 

Open pdf Alikhan Ongarov – Site manager, Aurora Quest Services delivered a presentation on the importance of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) principles in drilling activities.

Ongarov discussed the impact of drilling activities on the environment and local communities, and the importance of adopting responsible and sustainable drilling practices to mitigate these impacts. He emphasized the need for careful planning and implementation of drilling activities, and the importance of monitoring and managing the environmental and social impacts of drilling operations.

Ongarov discussed several ESG principles that are important in drilling activities, including environmental management, community engagement, and occupational health and safety. He highlighted the importance of building strong relationships with local communities and stakeholders, and the benefits of these relationships in promoting sustainable and responsible drilling practices.

The 4th annual Kazakhstan Day organized by Aurora Minerals Group at PDAC 2023 in Toronto was a successful event with a diverse range of topics covered. Attendees had the opportunity to learn about updates on Kazakhstan’s mining legislation, investment opportunities, regional geology, exploration projects, and technical advancements for mineral exploration. The event was beneficial for those interested in mineral exploration and development in Kazakhstan, as it provided valuable insights and networking opportunities. Overall, the event was a great way to showcase the potential of Kazakhstan’s mining industry and the opportunities available for investors and exploration companies.