Glencore purchased Mutanga and Katanga for US$534 million in cash and debt

MINEX FORUM | February 14, 2017 | Views: 83

Glencore purchased from subsidiaries of Fleurette Properties Limited (“Fleurette”) the Fleurette group’s remaining 31% stake in Mutanda Mining Sarl (the “Mutanda Shares”) and an approximate 10.25% stake in Katanga Mining Limited (the “Katanga Shares”), Glencore reported.

The consideration for the Mutanda Shares and the Katanga Shares has been determined based on an analysis by BMO Capital Markets Limited who was engaged by Glencore to provide an independent view as to the value of the Mutanda Shares and Katanga Shares for the purposes of the transaction.

The consideration for the Mutanda Shares is US$922 million and the Katanga Shares is US$38 million.

Glencore will set-off against the cash consideration payable to Fleurette, loans owing to the Glencore group by Fleurette and its affiliates, and secured over the Mutanda Shares, amounting to US$556 million of which US$120 million comprises accrued interest. In addition, Glencore has acquired shareholder loans owed to the Fleurette group by Mutanda Mining Sarl in the amount of US$130 million.

Accordingly, the aggregate cash consideration payable by the Glencore group in respect of the transactions is US$534 million.

In addition, Glencore has acquired a further 15,325,000 shares in Katanga Mining Limited (“Katanga”), corresponding to an approximate 0.8% stake, which were held as the security for a loan provided to Ruwenzori Limited, a member of the Fleurette group, in connection with Ruwenzori’s acquisition of 25,000,000 shares in Nikanor PLC which were issued as part of a private placement.  Nikanor PLC subsequently merged with Katanga and the shares were exchanged for shares in Katanga.

Glencore now owns 100% of the shares in Mutanda and approximately 86.33% of the shares in Katanga.

Glencore is the multinational corporation with assets in all continents. One of the main company’s zinc asset is Kazakh Kazzinc, which produced about 27% of all Glencore’s zinc output in 2016.

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