Euro Sun Mining holds public meeting to discuss its Rovina Valley Project

MINEX FORUM | June 26, 2017
img0 Euro Sun Mining Inc. (TSX:ESM) reported that in accordance with Romania’s public administration transparency laws, the National Agency for Mineral Resources (“NAMR”) hosted a public meeting to discuss the draft Government decision approving the mining licence of the Company’s Rovina Valley Project at its headquarters today, June 26, 2017. The meeting was originally scheduled for ...

The local band supports the Cameco’s mining operations in northern Saskatchewan

MINEX FORUM | June 19, 2017
img0 The Lac La Ronge Indian Band (LLRIB) and Cameco Corporation announced the signing of a collaboration agreement that enhances and sustains their existing relationship and commercial ventures. The agreement confirms LLRIB’s support for Cameco’s mining operations in northern Saskatchewan, the parties’ commitment to protecting the environment and ensures LLRIB will continue to benefit from employment, ...

Historic buildings relocate in Swedish Kiruna due to miner activity

MINEX FORUM | May 29, 2017
img0 The entire Swedish city of Kiruna has begun a long-planned and quite challenging relocation to an area situated about 3km (2miles) east, after ground fissures created by iron ore mining activity weakened the ground beneath it, said The decision, however, didn’t take any local by surprise. In fact, mining company Luossavaara-Kiirunavaara AB (LKAB) has ...

Memorial to miners dead in the largest England mine disaster was opened in Barnsley

MINEX FORUM | May 8, 2017
img0 The explosion made the ground shake for miles around, and flames erupted from 300 yards below. All around Barnsley – it was just before Christmas – “black snow” and burning wood fell out of the sky. The apocalyptic scenes of December 1866 claimed 361 lives in England’s worst coal-mining disaster, yorkshirepost reported. The Oaks ...

Опережающее развитие российской экономики – роль, место и ориентиры для горнорудной отрасли

Arthur Poliakov | June 4, 2015
img0 С начала 2015 года Российское правительство приступило к реализации концепции «опережающего развития». В статье автор попытался высказать своё мнение о процессах, происходящих в горнорудной отрасли РФ, и о том, за счёт чего и при каких условиях возможно улучшить ее состояние.