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21.08.17 Cadence Minerals is about to buy a portion of Bacanora Minerals 0 published
21.08.17 Copper mine production decreased by 3% during the first five months of 2017 0 published
21.08.17 Metso to split mineral services into two units 0 published
21.08.17 "Росгеология" будет искать угли марок Ж и КЖ в Якутии 0 published
21.08.17 АЛРОСА трудоустроит персонал "Мира" 0 published
17.08.17 Аналитическая лаборатория минерального сырья готовится к открытию в Усть-Каменогорске 0 published
17.08.17 KAZ minerals doubled revenue due to growing prices and production growth 0 published
17.08.17 KAZ Minerals нарастила выручку в 2,3 раза 0 published
16.08.17 European Metals appointed a new Project manager to prepare DFS 0 published
16.08.17 "Research is being conducted into the introduction of swarm robotic mining" - Anglo American technical director 0 published
16.08.17 Магаданская область нарастила добычу золота на три тонны за семь месяцев 2017 года 0 published
16.08.17 Nordgold to participate in a public discussion regarding the Montagne d'Or project 0 published
16.08.17 Чистая прибыль "Норильского никеля" упала на 30% 0 published
15.08.17 Norilsk Nickel net profit fell by 30% 0 published
15.08.17 Росгеология исследует марганцевые руды в Ненецком АО 0 published
15.08.17 Alrosa stopped searching for four miners lost in a flooded diamond mine 0 published
15.08.17 АЛРОСА прекратила поиски четверых из восьми шахтеров подтопленного рудника "Мир" 0 published
15.08.17 "АрселорМиттал Темиртау" потратит $150 млн на модернизацию 0 published
14.08.17 Russian VTB: gold demand might make a recovery 0 published
14.08.17 Spanish coal mine was closed down due to zero demand 0 published
14.08.17 Cornish Lithium raises £1 million for exploration on a lithium project 0 published
14.08.17 Россия нарастила экспорт угля в Китай в полтора раза, доходы - в 2,7 раз 0 published
14.08.17 Чукотка сократила добычу золота из-за снижения производства на рудниках Kinross Gold 0 published
11.08.17 Czech Republic explores its lithium possibilities 0 published


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