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04.08.17 Euro Sun Mining made one more step to the mining license in Romania 0 published
04.08.17 РУСАЛ зашел в химпром 0 published
04.08.17 АЛРОСА устраняет прорыв воды в шахте "Мира" 0 published
03.08.17 Полюс опубликовал итоги SPO 0 published
03.08.17 Заявление "Русгидро" вызвало рост акций "Русала" 0 published
03.08.17 Said Kerimov decreased his stake in Polyus to 82% 0 published
03.08.17 Q1 gold demand decreased by 18% from last year’s exceptional high 0 published
03.08.17 Azarga Uranium found buyer for Kyrgyz uranium propety 0 published
01.08.17 Alba Mineral Resources granted a licence in the Thule black sand province in Greenland 0 published
01.08.17 Шавкат Мирзиёев поменял руководство Госкомгео Узбекистана 0 published
01.08.17 Украинская "Центрэнерго" договорилась с США о поставках 700 тыс. тонн антрацита 0 published
01.08.17 Karelian Diamond Resources has received a PEA on its Lahtojoki diamond project 0 published
01.08.17 Centerra Gold improved production and financial results 0 published
01.08.17 "Казатомпром" наградил своих рационализаторов 0 published
31.07.17 US increases its coal export to Europe and Asia 0 published
31.07.17 Norilsk Nickel reduced nickel production by 15% due to decrease of third parties delivery 0 published
31.07.17 "Норникель" без стороннего сырья сократил производство никеля на 15% 0 published
31.07.17 PGIL Саида Керимова заложила контрольный пакет лондонской "дочки" 0 published
31.07.17 Polyus had pledged its controlling stake 0 published
31.07.17 В АрселорМиттал Темиртау будет вложено более $1 млрд инвестиций 0 published
14.07.17 The next step for miners is to find the right talent to operate the tech 0 published
14.07.17 Mining regulation makes it to space 0 published
14.07.17 Uranium under pressure 0 published
14.07.17 "Скалистая" позволит нарастить добычу Заполярного филиала "Норникеля" в полтора раза 0 published


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