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MINEX Forum has been created in 2005 as an open-end platform to stimulate international exchange of best mining and investment practices in Russia, Central Asia and Continental Europe.

MINEX Forum network connects approximately 50,000 people .  Our main activities are focused on organising high-level mining events incorporating the following mainstream themes:

  • Government and Intergovernmental mining, trade and investment policies & initiatives
  • Mining financing and investment
  • Technological advancement in primary and secondary mining
  • Social, Environmental, R&D, Training developments in mining

MINEX Forum events 2017 

MINEX Central Asia | 18-20 April, Astana, Kazakhstan

MINEX Central and Eastern Europe | 14-15 June, Belgrade, Serbia

MINEX Russia | 10 – 12 October, Moscow, Russia

MINEX Eurasia | 27 November, London, United Kingdom

Social projects by MINEX Forum

Alongside these Forums MINEX secretariat will be holding events aimed at promoting mining innovation and investment across Eurasia.

Russian Mining Excellence Awards – an annual competition of projects and practices in the Russian mining industry

MineTech – a mining challenge case competition

MineVenture – presentation platform for investment and start-up projects

Eurasian mining information and networking platform 

Eurasia (Europe and Asia) covers over 30% of the global landmass area providing home to over 5 billion planet’s population. While sharing the same geological platform, Europe and Asia distinctly differ, both politically and culturally. Through understanding the differences, sharing experiences and better communications, mining businesses will be better equipped for economic and geopolitical challenges ahead.

To provide regular information evolving in the Eurasian mining industries MINEX Forum has created MINEXForum.com – a Eurasian Mining Information and Networking portal.

MINEXForum.com provides timely information, news and analysys on Mining Innovation, Regulation, Trends and Investment across Eurasian continent. To subscribe to Eurasian Mining Digests register on www.minexforum.com

Authors’ Club created at MINEXForum.com offers mining professionals, companies and investors an opportunity to connect, inspire and influence mining executives, experts and investors in our growing Eurasian mining network. Here’s the link to the authors accreditation page – http://minexforum.com/en/become-author

Functions and tools

«MINEXForum.com» 1.0 – Functionalities and tools

Available options

Online publishing (articles, reports, publications, presentations)

Accepted formats: PDF, PowerPoint, Word doc

Presentation of mining investment projects
(includes functions for receiving instant comments, enquires and private meeting requests)

Accepted presentation formats: PDF, PowerPoint, Word, MP4, AVI, Flash

Corporate disclosure (news, shareholder meeting reports, corporate presentations, reports)

Accepted presentation formats: PDF, PowerPoint, Word

Video hosting (video interviews, video news, video reports, recorded events)

Accepted format for video files: MP4, AVI, Flash, YouTube and other online-TV reports

Amateur Mining Photo Club

Accepted picture format: JPEG, BMP, GIFF (via FTP)

Author and moderator blogs

(Regular contributors will be able to create mini-blogs, publish materials, invite visitors and organise online discussions)

Written translation of presentations (supported languages – English, Russian and Chinese) – ask for a quote

Preparing company and investment project presentations (supported languages – English, Russian and Chinese) – ask for a quote

Advertising on MINEXForum.com – ask for a quote

Additional options to be offered in MINEXForum.com 2.0 version

User groups and networking tools

Depending on the type of account, users will be able to access published materials, interact with the other group members and share presentations

Automated text translation

Platform for organising, recording and broadcasting training seminars

Organisation of online meetings, presentations and webinars

Research and marketing tools


MINEXForum.com provides free multi-media platform for mining experts and companies for submitting stories and sharing their views with the global audience.

Regular authors are offered permanent “residency blog” on MINEXForum.com where they can engage their readers and host online discussions. Most popular authors are offered opportunities for sharing their views at the MINEX Forum and Mining Club events organised on the regular basis.

Conditions are the following:

MINEXForum.com reserves the right to publish or not to publish any material we receive. By submitting stories to MINEXForum.com, you grant the right to publish, edit, store and adapt your work. MINEXForum.com does not take responsibility for verification and accuracy of the work.   You will be solely responsible for the consequences of publishing your story on MINEXForum.com. You are responsible for ensuring that the material you submit has obtained the necessary permissions, such as copyright approvals. You are not entitled to nor should you expect any compensation, unless agreed to beforehand. You will not be entitled to any expense claims unless agreed to beforehand. We are not responsible for any of the stories you link to in your article. We are not responsible for any of the stories you link to in your article.

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